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About Us

Family Owned & Operated...

In 1983, Ron and Pam Robb and family built a portable building that was sold to a local retailer who ended up buying 10 more buildings...and so Robb’s Prefabricated Buildings (Robb's Portable Buildings) began. After selling wholesale to dealers for seven years, Robb’s started selling directly to the public, offering exceptional quality and service at an affordable price.

And 34 years later, the Robb family and Robb’s Portable Buildings is still serving the Ozarks with friendly, expert service and building custom-designed buildings that will last for years to come. From portable buildings to store tools & toys or pole barns for all your livestock needs and custom metal roofing for your home! Our family is here to serve you today and for years to come with unmatched quality.


Call Robb’s Portable Buildings today and talk with Ryan, Ranae or Pam Robb for answers and assistance to design your new portable building.

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