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6 Ways Portable Buildings Can Be Used for Government and Military

Portable buildings are a major benefit to government and military sectors.

If you live in or around the Springfield, Missouri area, you have probably heard about us here at Robb’s Portable Buildings. Many clients use our products as storage sheds, and pole barn homes, but these modular structures can be used for a variety of functions within a number of industries. Today we want to focus on government and military settings. Take a look at six ways you could benefit from a portable building in your sector.

1. Security Posts and Shelters

The military is constantly on the move, especially during tactical training and combat. Did you know that portable buildings can be used as military posts and combat shelters? Our durable structures are built using metal, wood, or vinyl, and use stainless steel hinges and galvanized nails to stand up to stress and strain, no matter what the day brings on.

2. Storage Buildings

There is always a need for storage sheds where security and the military is concerned. Whether you require a mobile tool shed, holding room for equipment and weapons, or a place to keep the office supplies, we can customize a portable building to suit your needs.

3. Field Offices

In the field, offices are required for debriefing, planning and strategizing. Our open design concepts allow you to select portable buildings which can be expanded or contracted to fit the size of your team.

4. Temporary Housing

Not only does Robb’s Portable Buildings offer sites for storage and security posts, we also provide the option of temporary or permanent housing for military members on the go. A safe and convenient alternative to government issued tents, our cabins can host great quantities of soldiers and officials at once.

5. Emergency Clinics

Even in safe zones, there is a possibility for injury in the military. We can custom build portable buildings to be used as emergency clinics, which are suited to the needs of your medical staff and team members. Our contractors are willing to take on special requests and implement all available materials to create a safe and practical environment for your troops while they are being treated.

6. Storm Retreats

Constructed of high-quality grade materials, our portable cabins will put a shield between you and the elements. Duck inside during a storm, or stay warm when the temperature drops with ¾ inch water resistant flooring to keep you dry while the weather rages on.

For storage sheds on home soil or mobile offices in the field, Robb’s Portable Buildings has the supplies to deliver your ideal mobile structure. Call today for more details.

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