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7 Tips for Keeping Insects and Pests Out Of Your Portable Building

Keep insects and pests out of your backyard portable building with these seven simple tips from Robb’s Portable Buildings. Learn more on our blog today!

Your backyard portable building may be outside, but that doesn’t mean the bugs can lay claim. You don’t build a storage shed as decorative housing for the local bugs, but the bugs don’t seem to understand that. Especially if your portable building is a wonderfully wet, wonderfully warm climate, perfect for bugs. Here are seven tips to help you keep bugs and pests out of your storage buildings.


If you look at our portable buildings, you’ll notice one thing on every single shed: a vent. We don’t put that in just because it’s pretty. If a backyard portable building doesn’t have proper ventilation, it creates a humid atmosphere, which is perfect for bugs to come and hatch their eggs. So make sure you have good ventilation if you want to keep the bugs out.


We love the look of a painted portable building, but once again, the paint does more than decorate the building. It seals and protects the wood from bugs and other critters. If you want to keep the bugs out, then keep any wooden surfaces properly sealed, stained, and painted.


After a long day of work, all you want to do is throw your tools in the shed and go home to relax. But remember that dirty tools bring bugs. If you take sixty seconds to wipe those tools off, you can save yourself hours of headache trying to remove the bugs from your portable building later. How does the saying go? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


If your shed isn’t tight, the bugs will know! Seal any cracks or gaps with caulk.

Plants and Weeds

Keep the area around your portable building clear of plants and weeds where the bugs might live. It won't take long for bugs living outside of the shed to find their way inside.


Periodically spray the perimeter of your portable building or storage shed with pesticide, or if you would prefer a more natural solution, mix a tablespoon of cooking oil with three drops of dish soap in a quart of water, then spray that around your shed. This crazy little mixture will do some damage to the bugs, but don’t expect it to work as well as a store-bought pesticide.

Keep it clean

Pull out the shop vac or drag in a broom once in awhile to keep the floors of your portable building clear of dirt and debris.

A Solid Portable Building In the First Place

Much of keeping the pests out centers around having a well-built storage shed to begin with. When you purchase any backyard portable building from Robb’s Portable Buildings, you get that automatically. You won’t have to pull out the caulk gun and search for cracks or scratch your head trying to figure out how to add ventilation to your shed. It’s already taken care of! Sorry bugs; no more roach hotels! That portable building is for tools, not pests.

Contact Robb’s Portable Buildings today to customize your own storage shed, pole barn house or portable cabin.

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