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Alternative Portable Building Uses: Art Studio

Portable buildings are versatile and can be used for much more than just storage. Let Robb’s Portable Buildings help provide a new space for your needs.

Why a Portable Building is Perfect as Your Art Studio

Portable buildings are a versatile storage unit that have limitless opportunities. Many individuals have turned their portable buildings into tiny houses, recording studios, dog homes, movie theatres, and more.

Mary, a painter, has a gorgeous art studio located in her backyard. She went to Robb’s Portable Buildings and had their knowledgeable staff design a beautiful pole barn to use as a studio. It compliments her home and houses all of her paintings, supplies, and projects. She is able to go to her studio whenever inspiration strikes, and works in the quiet serenity that the studio provides. Mary is able to work at her dream job mere steps from her house where she is close to her family, but far enough away to lose herself in her craft.

Susie is also a painter. She chose to convert her garage into a studio. Her art supplies are scattered all over her house, garage, and even her mother’s house down the street. Susie spends most of her time searching for supplies and stepping over drying paintings. Susie’s kids go to school with paint on their clothing, and Susie’s husband has to park his car outside in the elements, which he finds frustrating. Despite being an accomplished artist, Susie finds working on her craft frustrating and stressful because she cannot find the items she needs, and doesn’t have the room to work on new projects.

Every dream has a starting point. Even if you aren’t an accomplished artist, you may dream of refinishing furniture or designing flower beds or maybe you simply need some extra storage. These dreams need their own space. Otherwise, they will take up your space.

A Portable Building for Every Need

Portable storage isn’t what it used to be. Long gone are the small metal shacks that always had bent doors and faded colors. Robb’s Portable Buildings has advanced the field in the Ozarks. Luxurious, heated/cooled, attractive and affordable, these buildings are the envy of neighbors.

If your dream is to have your own art studio, why not look into a beautiful pole barn or other portable building? Not only will your artwork be noticed, but your building will be too.

Let Robb’s Portable buildings find the perfect space for your dreams, hobbies or storage needs. Robb’s has been Missouri’s premier storage expert for over 30 years. Let our expert staff help you design your needs for now and in the future. We will walk you through the step-by-step process of making those dreams a reality. Whether you just need a small shed for your lawn mower or an art studio pole barn, Robb’s has the options for you. Their knowledgeable sales staff will help you design your storage needs for now and for the future.

Come by Robb’s Portable Buildings and let the knowledgeable staff help fulfill your dreams, big or small.

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