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Best Ways to Organize Sheds

Keeping sheds organized can be an endless task. Let Robb’s Portable Buildings share some organizational tips. Read our blog to find out more information.

Tips For Organizing Sheds

Keeping sheds clean and organized can be an endless task. In summer, you stow away your winter clothes and blankets, and the rest of the year you know exactly where to find your Phillips screwdrivers, the bike pump and your power tools. Unfortunately, keeping all that stuff organized can amount to an artform.

Robb’s Portable Buildings is here to help you get organized with some tips.

Declutter Sheds with Pegboard

Walls of sheds aren’t made for hanging objects any more than the walls of houses, but many of the objects you store in your shed, like rakes, bikes and hammers, are easily hung. Nailing pegboard to your wall offers a simple solution to keeping those shovels and hoses off the floor.

Organize Lawn Tools with PVC Pipe

Cut PVC pipe into lengths of four or five inches. To keep rakes, brooms, shovels and other long-handled objects off the floor of your shed, screw a row of the previously cut PVC pipe to the wall a few inches above the floor. Screw another row of PVC pipe sections three feet above the first. Make sure to align both sections of pipe, then slide the handle of your rake or shovel through both holes.

Keep Track of Small Pieces with Magnet Strips

Sheds have a way of losing those small pieces necessary to getting your latest DIY project done. Nails vanish, drill bits are never where you last saw them and bolts wander off at the worst times. Keep track of these renegade pieces by installing magnetic strips to your wall, workbench, or pegboard. Those metal deserters will stay right where you put them.

Find Those Miscellaneous Items with a Shoe Organizer

Let’s be honest; some sheds aren’t just for tools and farm equipment. Some sheds are overrun with easy to misplace but important items, such as needles for air pumps, cans of spray paint and WD40, spades, and any number of items ranging from balls of yarn to tent stakes. Find space for all these items with a shoe organizer that you can hang on the wall.

Sort Your Screws, Bolts, and Drill Bits with Jars

For sheds with workbenches or shelves, this trick works great for keeping sockets, drill bits, screws, bolts, and nails in their proper places. Separate the objects into jars and label them appropriately. Screw the jar lids, facing down, to the underside of your workbench. Twist the jars onto their lids and let them hang.

For some sheds or garages, these tips might not be enough. Contact Robb’s Portable Buildings if you can’t quite get the space you need. Take a look at our wide variety of sheds, portable buildings and pole barns today.

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