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Create your own Shedquarters in 2018!

2018 is coming up and it is time to design your very own Shedquarters!! Wouldn’t you love to customize your customize your home office, create a place you love working in each day?! Sounds like a dream come true!!

And if you own your own business or have the flexibility to work from home, a custom-designed portable building is the perfect way to get a professional space your want…plus, there are so many benefits of having a home office:

  1. TAX DEDUCTIONS One of the greatest benefits of a home office is the tax deduction! You qualify for a deduction when there is a clear separation between the household and the office. This is something that will change your life & maybe your tax refund (of course consult your tax advisor)!

  2. Avoiding Family Disruptions When you make your office is in your home, you will have to deal with family disruptions. However, if you customize your very own Shedquarters with Robb’s, then you won’t have to deal with that!! You have your very own space that will feel like an professional office space, because it is.

  3. More family time Having your own Shedquarters allows more time to get work done in a private space but you’ree still right there to be with your family. You never have to miss out on anything!!

  4. No Commute!!! No traffic, no warming up your vehicle in the morning, no running late. With your home office, you never have to deal with those again.

If you’d like a FREE quote on a custom-designed Shedquarters, we’d love to make that happened for you with a superior quality portable building from Robb’s…call or email us today!!

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