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How to Convert Your Storage Shed into a Tiny House

To make your storage shed into a home, there are many necessary construction steps. Be sure to check your local building codes before starting. Today, Robb’s Portable Buildings discusses some of the basic steps to converting your storage shed into a tiny house.

Select Your Storage Shed

For your tiny house, you’ll want to select a large storage shed. Generally, tiny houses range anywhere from 100 to 500 square feet. By selecting a storage shed, your tiny house will most likely be on the smaller end of the tiny house scale, but many people have done wonders with little space, making room for kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Take a look at some tiny house floor plans online to see how you can utilize the space.

After you select your storage shed, you may need to change some of the features to make it more livable, such as adding more windows or changing out the door.

Run Electricity and Plumbing

To transform your storage shed into a home, you’ll want to ensure it’s equipped with modern conveniences. To make sure you can cook, go to the bathroom, and shower in your tiny house, be sure to outfit your shed with plumbing and electric. If you are not an expert plumber or electrician, be sure to call a professional.

Install Insulation

To ensure you can survive the winter in your tiny house, you’ll need to install installation. Because most sheds have open framing, installing insulation is one of the quickest steps of the building process. Once you’ve installed your insulation, you can hang drywall and watch your storage shed start to resemble a home.

Decorate Your Tiny House

By now, equipped with windows, electricity, plumbing, and drywall, your tiny house will look far different from your original storage shed. Now, finish it off with some decorating. Paint the walls, add some floors, and pick out light fixtures, furniture, and drapes. Of course, there isn’t much space to decorate so this step shouldn’t take too long.

Contact Robb’s Portable Buildings

If you are interested in purchasing a storage shed, a portable building, or a pole barn to convert into a house or use for any purpose, contact Robb’s Portable Buildings today! Located in Rogersville, Missouri, we proudly create beautiful and well-made portable buildings for the Springfield, Missouri area. Contact us today and one of our associates will gladly help you.

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Aaliyah Franksshed
Aaliyah Franksshed
Jun 12, 2018

You must add all the things in your storage shed which are necessary for living. Choose the shed and make it suitable for living.

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