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Pole Barn Homes: How to Make the Most Out of Your Space

If you are a pole barn home owner, you may be looking for ways to make the most out of your space. Read the Robb’s Portable Building blog for a few tips.

Space-Saving Organizational Tips for Pole Barn Homes

While a pole barn home may not be the most conventional type of home, organization is still a necessity, just as it is with any other type of home. But before we talk organization, let’s go over the main differences between pole barn homes and traditional stick-built homes.

Pole Barn Homes vs. Stick-Built Homes

One of the main differences between pole barn homes and stick-built homes is that a pole barn home does not require a continuous foundation. Unlike a more traditional home with a concrete foundation, a pole barn home is secured with deep post holes in the ground. This home construction method is not only cheaper but also more time efficient and durable.

Pole barn homes also require less site preparation before construction can begin. Before many stick-built homes can be built, the land must be cleared, leveled and prepared for the laying of a concrete foundation.

While traditional stick-built homes are versatile, pole barn homes are even more so! Whether you want a rustic, open cabin or a luxurious beach home, you can design just about anything with a pole barn home.

Organizational Tips for Pole Barn Homes

Now that we know how stick-built homes and pole barn homes differ, let’s talk organization. Fortunately, regardless of what type of home you have, organization typically remains the same. There are no magic secrets to effectively using the space you have, but here are a few tips that may help you get going in the right direction -- pole barn home or not.

1. It’s all about the containers.

If The Container Store isn’t already your best friend, is should be. Simple containers and labels can transform a boring, cluttered pantry or closet into a beautiful haven of well-used space. Not to mention, it will be a whole lot easier to find those light bulbs when they’re not hidden behind racks and rows of clutter.

2. Shelves are both easy to install and easy on the eyes.

You don’t need fancy built-in shelving to organize your living room or home office. Simply purchase a set or individually sold shelves and brackets to utilize your wall space in a smarter (and cuter!) way. Get those knick-knacks and stacks of books off the ground and onto the walls to save space and modernize your place.

3. De-Clutter with Vertical Closet Organizers

Closets are notorious for being ugly, but a vertical organizer can turn one from drab to fab in an instant. Not to mention, you’ll finally get all those shoes and bags off the ground and into their own little itemized homes.

4. Invest in some hooks.

Simple metal or plastic hooks can be some of the most invaluable tools when it comes to organizing your home. Install them inside your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, on the walls of your laundry room, or in the entryway of your home for a versatile, attractive organizational tool.

5. Use shoe organizers for anything BUT shoes.

Find another great use for those back-of-door shoe organizers by repurposing them in your kitchen pantry. Simply hang them on the inside of your pantry door to free up shelving space by storing spices, cans or just about anything else you can fit inside them.

There are countless creative ways to organize and structure the interior of pole barn homes, but these are just a few tips that might make life in your home a bit easier. Stay tuned to the Robb’s Portable Buildings blog for more tips and information on pole barn homes, storage sheds, portable buildings and much more!

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