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Spring Organizing

It’s that time to start getting your portable building ready for spring! When you start your yard work and gardening, having an organized shed will make these activities more enjoyable!

But where do you start? We want to help 😉

1.) Cleaning and Pest Control First things first, clean your shed! Make sure you have no rodents hanging out in your shed. This will also help the smell in your shed and you will not want to avoid going in there.

2.) Move Your Seasonal Items to The Back It’s time to be done with Winter décor and holiday decorations! Start by moving these to the end of your shed. You will not be needing these for a while, so it’s best to have them out of your way.

3.) Make Your Yard Tools Easy to Access

You will be using these a lot during the Spring and Summer season, so make sure you do not have to struggle when needing them. Start by inspecting them to make sure they are in good shape to use. If not, GET RID OF IT! You don’t want to take up more space than you need to. Another great tip is trying to hang up your tools on the wall to make more room for you to walk and this will make it easier to grab what you are needing.

4.) Organize the Shelving The best way to start this is by keeping things that are made to be used together next to each other. This will help keep you from feeling like you’re losing your mind when you can’t find one certain thing that you need.

You’re ready to go! Enjoy your organized shed and the lack of stress trying to find things! Now, it’s time for a GREAT Spring and Summer 😊

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