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Tips for Keeping your Portable Building Warm in the Winter

  1. Insulation You need to make sure you have a good insulation for your shed before you start finding ways to keep it warm through the cold days. Without insulation, you will also lose money with constantly having to heat it more and more.

  2. Electric Heaters Electric Heaters are more on the cheaper side of things when it comes to installation of it. That includes fan heaters and radiators. If you were to get something like a wood burner, it would require more work, more money, and more time.

  3. No Exposed Heating Element Heaters with exposed heating elements you need to be extra careful with, especially if you have a wood workshop or have a lot of dust floating around on a regular basis. It also isn’t safe to have if you have children or pets that like to go into your portable building.

  4. Heating the Air vs Heating Objects When it comes to finding the right heater, you want to make sure to know what that heating will be heating up. Some heaters, like infrared heaters, only heat the objects directly in front of them rather than the air in the shed. So if you are wanting a heater you can have to make you warm when you’re right by it.. then this is the way to go! If you are looking for something to heat the whole shed then you need to get something that Convection heaters, radiators, wood-burners, gas heaters, or anything with a fan will be perfect if you are wanting to warm up your whole building.

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