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Tips on How to Turn Storage Sheds into a Dog House

Storage sheds can make an awesome home for your dog, protecting your four-legged friend from the elements and making a new use for your storage building. Tips on How to Turn Storage Sheds into a Dog House

We love our dogs, but sometimes it’s difficult to house our four-legged friends who are used to living outside when there’s bad weather or dangerous temperatures. Dog houses can be expensive, and many are too small to offer a significant amount of protection for dogs. Turning your portable building into a new home for your pooch can provide a solution to many problems by giving your dog protection and comfort while finally using that storage shed in the backyard for more than just random Christmas decorations and gardening tools.

Preparing Storage Sheds for Your Companion

Before your dog can move into their new home, you’ll need to do a few things to make it safe for them. Double check any city or county ordinances and make sure your new dog house will meet the correct qualifications, if there are any. This will save you some hassle in the long run and give you an idea of what exactly you can do to storage sheds to convert it into a dog house.

If there is any type of chemical product stored in the shed, it will need to be removed and placed in a safe location to reduce the risk of poisoning for the dog. In case you still want to use the storage building for keeping equipment or other items, install elevated shelving and hooks to keep all of the items out of their reach. Basically, whatever you don’t want chewed on or eaten needs to be out of reach.

After you get everything in the storage shed put away out of reach, you will want to make sure the building is clean – especially if there were chemicals on the floor. Spiders and insects also like to make themselves at home in storage buildings, so be careful while cleaning. How much you clean is up to you, but a good floor sweeping and cobweb clean out is a great place to start.

Making the Building Meet Your Dog’s Needs

Once the prep work on your storage shed is complete, it’s time to create the best space for your dog. One of the easiest steps to do is installing a dog door so your four-legged friend can go in and out of their new house as they please. From there, you can customize the inside of storage sheds to further meet your dog’s needs.

Running power to storage sheds allow you to have a fan for your dog in the summer and a small heater in the winter. A pallet for your dog to sleep on that’s made out of old blankets or pillows – or even purchasing a new dog bed – can help make the space more comfortable. Depending on your time and interest level, you can even build a food and water dispenser to keep your dog happy and healthy. You can even decorate the inside if you so choose – the possibilities are practically limitless.

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02 dic 2020

This was amazing! We're thinking of converting our garage into a guesthouse and this was really inspirational! Thank you so much for sharing, I've subscribed!

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