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Tips on Making My Pole Barn House Solar Powered

Solar Powering Your Pole Barn House

We live in an era increasingly concerned about energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint on the earth. One way this can be accomplished is to use solar panels to capture the sun’s energy. We can then use this energy to run various electrical systems or appliances around the pole barn house or storage building. Before an investment is made in solar panels, there are many factors to be considered.

Location of Your Pole Barn House or Structure

Do you live in the hot, sunny, dry Southwest or in the North, with many cloudy, precipitation filled gray days? The average number of sunny days you experience each year will impact the type of solar panels you purchase and their placement. Will they face south or west, and at what angle on the roof? Or will they be place on the ground? The amount of solar energy you capture will also determine the amount of energy cost savings realized over a year. Solar energy in a cloudier area may generate enough electrical power to run LED lights but not the flat screen TV, but a sunny area may generate enough power to run many electronics in your pole barn house.

Condition of the Pole Barn House or Structure Roof

If you determine you want to install your solar panels on the roof of your pole barn house, remember to have the roof and supports inspected, to determine if reinforcement is needed. Solar panels are not lightweight and the roof must meet standards to support the panels.

Educate Yourself About Solar Panels

Take the time to learn about all types of solar panels available, wholesale vs retail, and the associated installation costs. Shop around. Investigate the installers thoroughly and make sure that your installer has a track record of happy and satisfied clients!

City Codes and Zoning Laws

Will you need a special permit to install solar panels on your pole barn house roof or in your yard? What must be done to comply with local zoning laws? Determining the zoning laws before you begin the process may save you a hefty fine from your local government. And what about the electric company in your area? Make sure you know how to sell them any excess energy generated!


Will you be financing your conversion to solar energy or paying cash? In many areas, converting to solar energy can be specially financed at a lower rate.

Rebates and Tax Incentives

Lastly, once your solar array is installed and functioning, as a pole barn house owner, you may be eligible for various rebates and tax incentives, including federal tax credits of up to 30% for installation.

Robb’s Portable Buildings

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