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Too Much Stuff! When to Invest in a Storage Building

Sometimes we collect so much stuff that we can’t bare to part with that we end up need extra space. That’s when you need a storage building from Robb’s.

Here are some of the benefits of a personal storage building.

Most people end up with more stuff than they need. You might find yourself buying all sorts of things on a whim - not just tools and equipment, but useless souvenirs from various vacations and road trips. Not to mention gifts that might be bought for you that you don’t really want or need, but can’t throw away because you’re too sentimental (or too polite).

When you combine this with your more typical everyday shopping, and essentials like clothes and supplies for day to day living, all your stuff quickly piles up. When you’re having a hard time getting around your house without tripping over something, or you’re having to squeeze between objects to get from one end of your home to the other, you might want to look into getting a storage building.

Finding a Storage Building

Typically, storage buildings are associated with agriculture or industry. Farming equipment, major machinery and professional tools are stacked in sturdy storage buildings throughout the US. Few of us, however, think of the more day-to-day applications of having a storage building – especially one built and installed by Robb’s Portable Buildings.

When the need for personal storage outside of the home arises, people will usually turn to commercial storage companies, with corrugated walls and no windows, lined up in an industrial area and shared with many different people. While these units are often perfectly secure and useful, particularly for short term storage, this comes with a variety of inconveniences. Your closest commercial storage location might be a long way to travel. Again, this might be fine short term, but it can be a chore to keep personal items locked up miles away – even if they’re things you don’t use that often.

There’s also no guarantee that a commercial storage building is well maintained. While there are many quality commercial storage locations with regular maintenance and expert upkeep, there are plenty of others that neglect repairs, which can compromise the security of your belongings. Seeking out reviews and user experiences, looking into companies to see if they do regular work in their storage facilities – all of this research is a time-consuming hassle.

Not only is there a risk of damage with poor maintenance – a leaky roof dripping on a family heirloom, pests and insects infesting the place you’re keeping your old photos – but poor maintenance can also make breaking and entering an easier task. Anything of value that you store might be at risk if it’s kept in a poorly-maintained storage unit.

Throwing doubt on the kind of trust and confidence you need to keep your items in storage on a longer-term basis can make it a stressful decision. Robb’s Portable Buildings can offer you an affordable alternative.

Your own storage building on your property isn’t just a safer alternative to commercial storage if you’re looking for space for your stuff – it’s an investment. At Robb’s Portable Buildings, we have experience putting together all kinds of units, from basic storage, to pole barns, to cheap, simple office space. This means that we know what goes into making a sturdy, secure and high-quality storage building. We also offer all kinds of options, from the permanent fixture of a pole barn, to the ease and convenience of a portable storage building.

Having a storage building of your own to keep your personal items can offer a much greater peace of mind than relying on commercial storage. You can always be sure that your items – whatever they are – will be safe and secure, as well as easily accessible. We don’t recommend hoarding, but there are some things we just can’t throw away!

Contact Robb’s Portable Buildings today for a consultation and free estimate. Let’s help you find a new place for your stuff.

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