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Turning Your Portable Building Into a Dance Studio

How to Convert a Portable Building Into Your Personal Dance Studio

Our customers are always thinking of unique uses for their portable building. One awesome thing you can do it convert your portable building into your own personal dance studio. Whether you’re a professional dancer or it’s just for fun, our buildings can give you a great space to let loose. Here are some tips for making the ideal studio.

The Floor

The most important part of your dance studio is the floor. You need enough padding so that you can perform your jumps and other movements, but you also need a good amount of traction so you don’t hurt yourself. Wood floors are necessary, but you’ll still need an extra layer of padding. Marley is ideal, but cheap options include vinyl or laminate. If you aren’t sure how to properly install the floors yourself, enlist the help of a professional. It’s important that the floors are put in correctly to prevent the chance of injury.

A Barre

Next, you’ll need a barre. There are wall-mounted and freestanding barres available. If you’re short on space, or if your portable building is smaller, you’ll probably want to go for a wall-mounted barre. You don’t necessarily need to buy one from a dance equipment company either, as you can build one yourself for fairly cheap. Just make sure it’s solid and sturdy!


Finally, the last essential element is a mirror. Without mirrors, it would be tough to watch and critique your form. Ideally, you should get floor-to-ceiling mirrors, but this may not be an affordable option, depending on your budget. If this is the case, try a long rolling mirror to move along the floor as needed, or you can buy mirrored tiles and apply them to the wall.

Get Creative

Now you just need to make it your own! Paint a mural on the wall for a personal touch. Hang your favorite inspirational posters. Throw in a stereo system if it’s in the budget. It’ll sound a lot better than a portable music player! The best part about having your own dance studio in your portable building is it lets you make it the personal dance space you’ve always dreamed of!

Get Your Portable Building from Robb’s

If you’re ready to get your own portable building, contact Robb’s Portable Buildings today. We can build you the perfect portable building according to your needs and expectations. For more information give us a call today, or view our website.

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