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Uses for Portable Cabins

While you may only think of portable buildings as a great storage solution - there are many more uses for portable buildings! Fully customizable portable cabins can be used for a multitude of living purposes and with minimal cost to you. Check out these neat ideas for using your new portable building!

Vacation Home

If your family has an area that they just love to visit - investing in a portable cabin and some land may be a cost effective way for your whole family to enjoy vacation and build memories! Find land near your favorite lake, in the wilderness, or near your favorite city, and save money long-term by placing a portable cabin on the property for your family to stay in. Portable cabins are an affordable way to create a family vacation home and lasting memories for years to come!

Hunting Cabin

Hunting cabins for long hunting trips are a great use for portable cabins. Placing a small portable cabin on a piece of land near your favorite hunting site is a great way to make your hunting trip more comfortable and to allow you to extend your hunting trip as long as you’d like. Portable cabins come in all sizes - from a one-man sized cabin, to a family sized cabin - allowing for your hunting buddies to stay with you and enjoy the experience.

She Shed/Man Cave

We’ve all heard of the man cave - but a new trend is in the works - the She Shed. Portable cabins work great for either option! Placing a portable cabin in the back yard and converting it to a man cave is a great way to add living space to your property, and also to create the private space many people desire for relaxation. Portable cabins can also be used as a She Shed. She Sheds typically include craft areas, girly decor, and a relaxing space to read a book, drink a cup of tea, and get a few minutes of solitude. Portable cabins - which are fully customizable - are the perfect option for a little get-away space for your home!


Having a backyard workshop has never been more affordable. For the DIY king or queen in your home - a large workshop space might not be needed. However, it may be desirable for you to separate this space from your home due to the potential mess, noise, and space needed. A portable cabin is a great option for a backyard wood shop, metal working studio, art studio, or other DIY space!

Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are sweeping the nation. As many decide to downsize and move into a space that has space for only what they need, the need for customizable portable properties is also on the rise. Portable cabins are customizable and can be the tiny home you’re looking for. Perhaps you’re not looking for a tiny home yourself, but want to add some income property to your property. Portable cabins are a great, affordable way to get the extra income a rental property can provide. Adding a rental suite to your home can be costly, and many of us are not looking to share our family homes with tenants. However, adding a portable cabin to your property and marketing it as a tiny home for rent, could be a great potential source of income for your family!

Portable cabins have many uses, as you can see. Working with the right portable building manufacturer can make all the difference.

Contact Robb’s Portable Buildings today to look into creating a customizable portable cabin to meet your needs!

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