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Using Your Pole Barn House for Agriculture

A Pole Barn House is Perfect for Agriculture

When you think of a pole barn house, your mind might automatically go to agriculture. Well, the reason for that is a pole barn house is exceedingly useful for agriculture. We talk a lot about the more unique uses for your pole barn but haven’t talked too much about the more common uses. Farms have been using pole barn houses for years because of the various different things you can do with them.


Probably the most obvious use for an agricultural pole barn is storage. Farms use tons of equipment and that equipment needs to go somewhere. A pole barn house has plenty of room to store tractors and other machinery. You can also use a pole barn to store hay bales and other feed. The storage possibilities are vast. If it’s something you need protected from the elements, it can go in a pole barn house.

Horse Barn

A pole barn house is the perfect place for your horses to live. Due to the customization possibilities of a pole barn, you can make the interior perfectly suited for your horses. You can make the stalls as big as you need them to be. We can make sure you have a high enough ceiling and room for all of your horses. If you need extra space for feeding and washing stalls, we can include that in your custom plan.

Other Livestock

Pole barn houses aren’t just limited to horses. You can also keep cattle, pigs, and other livestock. We can make your pole barn as big or as small as you need. We’ll make sure to build it to the specifications you need for your specific animals. If you need better ventilation, we can put that into your specifications. We’ll build you the perfect pole barn to keep your animals comfortable and safe from the elements.

Contact Robb’s for a Custom Pole Barn House

Robb’s Portable Buildings can help you build the perfect pole barn house for your needs. We work with you to find out exactly what kind of building you’ll need and then we customize it accordingly. Just contact us and let us know what you want, and we take care of it from there. We hold ourselves to a very high standard and we’ll always give you a high-quality product. We build the best portable buildings in the business. Contact us today or view our website for more information.

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