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Why Portable Storage Buildings are Perfect for Spring Cleaning

Spring is coming & you’re starting to think about cleaning. Portable storage buildings are a perfect unit to help with your Spring cleaning. Read more.

Spring Cleaning with Robb’s Portable Storage Buildings

As the third largest city in the state of Missouri, Springfield is home to more than 164,000 residents and experiences four distinct seasons. At Robb’s Portable Buildings, we know better than most just how messy some of those seasons can get, especially in the winter months. Snow brings the need for shovels, snow blowers, bags of rock salt and sleds. So, what do you do with all this stuff when the snow melts?

Portable storage buildings are mobile sheds which can be set up all year round. They vary in size, material and design, and can be customized to suit the available space in your backyard. The standard size of an average unit is 8’ x 8’, and provides more than enough space to put away most winter items until they’re needed again next year.

Choosing Between Storage Buildings

Spring cleaning brings out all the old stuff that you forgot you had lying around the house. Some of it can be recycled, donated, or tossed, but findings space for the rest often seems impossible. Fortunately, portable buildings in Missouri are designed to store just about anything you can dig up.

Choosing the right building for you will depend on the square footage of your property, the intended use of the cabin and your personal style preference. The largest standard size in the portable storage buildings we offer here at Robbs, measures at 10’ x 16’. This is bigger than most bedrooms, and affords space for objects as large as a snow blower, or as small as your snowboard. We will also build custom sheds up to 14’ x 40’ on request.

Portable storage sheds come in three distinct designs:

Barn Style: This design is shaped to look like a country barn; quaint and rustic.

Peak Style: The simple peak design is reminiscent to most modern sheds; simple and classic.

Dutch Style: With the makings of a Dutch colonial house, this design comes in a standard, and long form. The long design includes windows, and makes a great clubhouse for the kids.

Other Uses for Portable Storage Buildings

While extra storage is a huge selling point of the portable storage buildings we carry, it isn’t the only use they offer. Some customers use this space as a “man cave” or “she shed”, to escape the confines of the house and work on projects or relax. Others have turned their storage sheds into art studios and workshops. The mobility of these buildings makes it easy to load onto a truck and ship just about anywhere you need it. Whether you require emergency temporary housing or a hunting cabin out in the woods, these buildings are durable and built to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Setting Up Your Storage Buildings

Setting up your new storage buildings is cheap and easy with Robb’s free delivery and setup service. Our team will travel anywhere within a 25-mile radius of the Springfield Metro area, and set your new cabin up on blocks, which are included at no cost. Depending on the chosen size of your new portable building, our friendly staff will even build the shed on site using the best in trusses, hardware and stainless steel hinges.

To determine how long delivery and setup will take, speak to a member of the Robb’s team to verify the specifics of your order. Some units take longer than others to deliver and install, especially if the pole barn house, or shed, is being constructed using custom instructions.

For more information on our portable storage buildings and our unique inventory of outdoor storage options, contact us today. It’s never too early to start your spring cleaning!

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