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Why Rent Storage Space When Your Own Custom Building is Available and Affordable?

1. The Cost Renting storage units can range from $50-$1,000 a month!  When buying your own building, you do a flat fee and then you are done with it!  You get your storage unit and no money is leaving your bank account every month.  You even get it customized for what you NEED rather than having to deal with a unit that is either too small or too large.

2. Security A lot of storage units do not have security there to watch your stuff.  Someone could so easily clip your lock and have all the access to your valuables and keep-sake stuff in the unit.  People find it a lot easier to trust themselves and it always be watched by you and your loved ones!

3. Repossessed Storage Units You can turn on the TV and watch shows of people buying MANY storage units that have a load of stuff that is not theirs.  Thankfully, by buying your own storage building, you do not have to worry about that happening to you.  Everyone gets busy and might be late on paying one monthly bill for the rent of the storage unit.  It is very legal for the owners of the storage unit to give your stuff away after a small amount of days!  There goes all the stuff you planned on keeping.

4. Convenience I think anyone would rather just to walk in their backyard to grab the item they are wanting rather than having to drive to a storage unit and then drive back home.  You are even able to put stuff that you use a lot in the storage unit when it right in your backyard, rather than just putting stuff in the building that you rarely use.

5. Portable Buildings You obviously cannot just rent from a storage unit and then grab the whole thing and leave.  When you are in the middle of moving either to a different city or state, you can grab your own building and go!  No worries with having to mess with the place you rent from, having to take multiple trips to pack up everything in the unit, and then having to find another place to store your stuff.  Make it easy on yourself and buy your own building.  Metal buildings, pole buildings, steel buildings, or even a tiny house.  It is made for YOUR liking!

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