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Winterizing your Portable Building

Winter is upon us and if you haven’t started winterizing your portable building, right now is a perfect time to do it!!! We are here to help you step-by-step to make winterizing as easy as possible!

Step One: SWEEP, SWEEP, SWEEP! After all these months you are bound to have spots in your portable building that you need to clean up. Sweep up those insects, dirt, twigs, and leaves! You want to make sure you can get to every spot of your portable building to clean it up. The benefit of all of this is that it will help your building stay clear of material mice, squirrels, and any other rodent that is trying to find a warm “home” for the winter.

Step Two: Weather Stripping Weather stripping comes in handy when you have air leaking through the borders of your portable building. If you like DIY… this is a job for you! It’s quick too! Applying the weather strips prevents the air and moisture from entering the portable building which can cause mildew from forming and your tools from rusting. It even helps when you are in your portable building often and you don't have to deal with the cold weather seeping in the cracks!

Step Three: Clean Around Your Building Cleaning around the exterior of the portable building will do the same for you that it did for the interior. This will prevent any rodent or animal from building a home near your shed, which could lead to them trying to get inside of it.

Step Four: Store Organic Items Organic items like soil, mulch, or seeds in your portable building needs to be put in a waterproof bag during this season. Also, anything like horse grain or any other food can be stored in a metal garbage can with a lid so the rodents will not get to it!

We hope these 4 easy steps made your winterizing easier for you and more organized!! We hope you all have a great winter!! 😊

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