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Robb's will build it


help you finance it too!

Two financing options
Win the war on clutter without breaking the bank with affordable financing options from Robb’s Portable Buildings! With no credit check and a finance option for everyone, you can get the quality craftsmanship you need. Take a look at our two, easy financing options. 

90 Day Interest-Free Financing

If cannot afford to pay for your portable building out of pocket, but need just a few months to pay off the total—no problem! Choose whatever building from Robb’s Portable Buildings best suits your needs, and we’ll deliver directly to you! Upon delivery, only a third of your total balance is due. We will then divide the remaining balance into three, easy monthly payments. 

For example, if your total investment for a portable building is $1,800, you will only owe $600 upon delivery. The remaining balance of $1,200 will be divided into three equal monthly payments of $400. 


Rent-To-Own Financing

With the rent-to-own option, your financed balance is divided into 36 equal monthly payments. At Robb’s Portable Buildings, there are no prepayment penalties, so you can pay the remaining balance anytime in full! 

Simply choose the building that best suits your needs and we’ll deliver it. Upon delivery, three months worth of payments are due. For example, if your monthly payment is calculated to be $61.52, then you would pay $184.56 upon delivery. Then, you have 33 equal monthly payments remaining. Simple and affordable. 

If your finances get tight and you ever need to cancel this month-to-month contract, there are no cancellation fees. However, upon cancellation, you will lose all the money you have paid toward your financed building and Robb’s Portable Buildings will pick it up. 

Contact Robb’s Portable Buildings 

If you are interested in purchasing a portable building and would like to learn more about our two financing options. 

We are always happy to assist new customers and help you find the building and the financing option that best suits you needs!

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